• What kind of company is Egongegong? 

Since 2016, Egongegong has been specializing in entering the North American market through Amazon. We are a North American brand accelerator that enables Korean brands to take a leap forward as a global brand. 

For more information, please visit "HOME" on the website. 

  • Do you have examples of products sold on Amazon? 

Yes, we do. If you go to ‘WORK’ page, various products by category are updated. If you click on the product, you can view the Amazon optimization work done by egongegong. 

  • Are all services available only after paying the service fee? 

No. The partnership model does not incur service fees.
There is no service fee as costs are invested directly by egonegong. After 1-2 weeks of testing, selected brands will proceed on with the service. 

You can check the full details of the procedure under ‘PARTNERSHIP SOLUTION’. 

  • Does Egongeong offline stores or B2B business? 

Yes, we're working on it.
We help B2B buyers connect and enter offline stores for proven products in the Amazon market.