What is a partnership? 

Egongegong directly purchases your products and enters the global market with a concentration. Using our technology and expertise, egongegong provides in-depth, globalized marketing strategy for dominating the global market. 


Product Purchase 

After researching the global marketing opportunities of the product, we proceed with the purchase.   

Once the initial verification process is complete, we will continue to buy more inventory. 

Proceed with export 

Egongegong helps review all the necessary documents for official exports. 

Once the preparation procedure is complete, Egongegong will start selling the product through official export. 


Rebranding & Global Content Creation 

In order to dominate the global market, Egonegong captivates local consumers.  

We produce optimal rebranding and detailed pages that are appealing to consumers using our Ad-Tech technology. 


In-house Technology to Enhance Sale & Service Application 

Since Egongegong began as a team to research technology in order to preoccupy the market, EgongEgong has the most advanced marketing technology. 

We use a variety of marketing strategies to increase sales, including Acosify-Keyword marketing solution, top exposure marketing, and external influencer marketing, all at our own expense. 


Rapid Growth 

By acquiring major global channels such as Amazon, the brand can expand rapidly. 

You can increase your brand's value by exposing your brand on a global marketplace. 


Preoccupation and Expansion 

Dominating the global sales channel market results in rapid market expansion. 

The ultimate goal is to repeat preoccupation and expansion in order to become a global brand.